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Winter Themed Birthday Cake

Off-Topic: Winter Themed Cake

This is possibly my greatest success so far with my cake making. I needed to create a winter themed cake for my mums birthday. I had the basic idea of creating some pinecones with cereal and using a chocolate flake as a log. I also had ideas of adding some chocolate orange segments and some mini marshmallows for a bit of colour. I was also very keen on trying out wrapping the cake in chocolate that protruded over the top of the cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Off-Topic: MacMillan Bake Sale

My work was running a cake sale for the MacMillan Coffee morning last Friday, with a competition for the best cake. Having recently discovered an amazing chocolate cake recipe, I thought I'd have a go. I gave it my best shot, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. It was the first time I had attempted the chocolate wrapped around the outside, and so made a few mistakes, but I feel confident I could do it again much better. I have managed to crack tempering chocolate though.

The design I went with was inspired by a pin I found on pinterest while looking for inspiration.

Vertical Responsiveness (using jQuery)

Just a quick post on a simple way to make an element vertically responsive using jQuery. I originally used this for a sidebar which was position:fixed; and so I needed to ensure the height was correct to fit perfectly between an fixed header and footer.

Implementation is fairly simple and includes just 3 sections of code.